The following businesses and individuals have committed to assisting Donna & Elise in their quest to be the best in their field and for that they are extremely grateful. Their support is a true asset and we encourage you check out their businesses and websites so as you too can benefit from the products and expertise they offer!

“Our ambitions and goals are high, but we are dedicated to reach them, without our team of workers, owners, sponsors, supporters, family and friends, success would not be possible!”


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Donna Smith Eventing are super proud to be ambassadors for the Stirling Collection. Dee, Brendon & Savanna Stirling run a premier store and also a fantastic online shop. They are not only great at what they do in business, they are also kind, positive and passionate people. The Stirling family are heavily involved in the eventing circuit and therefore are knowledgeable of what top quality gear we need to get that extra 5%. Horse Pilot, PS of Sweden are some of their stunning brands. They also sell Incrediwear for recovery to fit humans and horses, anatomical bridles, rider wear and horse wear.

“The Aerotech Saddle Pads are wickedly breathable, and light, which is so important for our top level horses when out on XC. Impresaivley the matching ears don’t just look gorgeous, they are easily interchanged from sound proof to normal in one swift action, which means all the horses in our team can look flash regardless of what type of ears they prefer.”


LG Forge & Landcare is run by husband and wife team, Laura and George Hunt, providing comprehensive farrier and landcare services across South Auckland and North Waikato.

In addition to horse shoeing and trimming, LG Forge & Landcare are offering a range of property maintenance and improvement services, specifically targeted at lifestyle blocks and small rural properties. Services will include rolling, mulcher mowing, spraying, soil testing, fertilising, aerating, reseeding and lots more!

“I love the way George shoes my horses and the professionalism and perfection that he conducts himself with. He has a great relationship with our vet, an open mind and many tools to pull from when doing remedial work. Each of our horses is very much a part of his team.

As the old saying goes…. no hoof, no horse!”

Team DSE is delighted to introduce Janie & her wonderful Chaff business “Golden Horse Feeds” as an official Sponsor.

We are excited to be ambassadors for this 100% Natural Chaff Product, and to work with and support a local business. Our team runs on their Lucerne Chaff product.

Golden Horse Feeds started as a small operation using a very old chaffing machine called “Gracie”, and have now taken the original cutting mechanism used more than 100 years ago and are using it as a more modernised sister.

Janie & her team are fastidious about the importance of maintaining the integrity and freshness of their chaff, and therefore providing a high grade product to the most important consumers of all – our horses!


Donna Smith Eventing would like to thank Alex and Platinum Performance who currently provide her team with Platinum Performance Equine, a comprehensive nutrition formula for all horses.

Platinum Performance addresses equine health at the cellular level, providing a special blend of more than 55 nutrients that improves the fundamental health of each of your horse’s 12 trillion cells. Healthy cells mean a healthy horse.

“A comprehensive formula that improves my horses overall health, helping joints, hooves, bones, coats, digestive & immune support. Plus it’s great for the senior members, performance horses as it acts as an anti-inflammatory.”

Vetphysio Limited is a unique New Zealand physiotherapy practice, offering a mobile physiotherapy service for horses, small animals and humans.

Vetphysio Limited began in early 2009 after Sarah Cruickshank returned after four years studying and working in the UK and has rapidly expanded into a very busy practice.

DSE is extremely lucky to have obtained sponsorship from Sarah Cruickshank from Vetphysio.  Sarah is one of lifes beautiful people, and not only is she a special friend of ours she is also extremely good at her job J

Sarah was the first New Zealander to be internationally qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist and is a very useful asset to our team as she not only treats horses, but she is also a human physiotherapist too!

Sarah has earnt a great deal of respect in the horse world, and we are very proud to have her join our team.

“Sarah has such an in depth understanding of how a horse moves and functions, that I find it very easy to explain to her what I am noticing and feeling when I am riding.  Once she has observed our horses and then treated them I can notice a difference straight away.”

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