Our business is to train horses, riders and grooms to the best of their ability

Please be aware before we explain the program that this is a volunteer position, not a paid or an employee situation. You would be here for a set period of time to learn new skills and gaining experience.

Here at DSE we believe that there is huge value in real life experience in a professional equine yard.  Some people apply to join the DSE family with the aim of achieving a position on one of the NZ National Squads, others want to come here to produce & develop their own horse, some want to be here to learn grooming skills in a competitive environment, however almost all of them apply to improve their horsemanship qualities.

At times our grooms have the opportunity to ride our horses for their fitness sets, and depending on availability there is also at times a chance of leasing a horse if someone wants to join the program and doesn’t have their own; however both of these situations depend entirely on the ability, level and suitability of the rider & horse combined.

All of our team have varying responsibilities and skillsets, so during the season there will be grooms that will be joining us at competitions with our upper level horses, whilst others remain on the farm to care, feed and exercise our other horses. These situations require a great deal of early mornings and late finishes, and a high standard of communication, dedication and most important team work.

There are 3 main terms of Internship available:

Autumn – Early Jan – End May
Spring – Mid  Aug – Late  Dec
Annual – Early  Jan – Mid  Dec
(Annual includes both competition seasons, plus the winter shows and young horse preparation)

People accepted into the program will be provided with a detailed reference on completion of their term. This documentation will grade their personal qualities & skillset that they are able to perform on the varying requirements of an equine yard.

Should a groom perform to a high standard whilst at DSE we believe that they would have the training, skills and personal attributes to gain work nationally & internationally.

CLICK HERE to learn more about an average day at DSE and the conditions of our Groom Internship

Then if you would like to continue please fill in the form below and we will get back to you.


Parent Recommendation
“We have been a part of the DSE family for over 5 years. My daughter started hanging out at the horse events and then helped on holidays. She was a full time groom intern for over 3 years and even though she has left she still gravitates back to the DSE family.

The DSE program is more than just learning with horses, We have found it to be a holistic approach about helping the student find their feet in the world. The number of students I have watched blossom under the DSE system is vast. Some continue their horsing journey and others discover who they are and help point them in the right direction.

The work can be fast paced, and other times slow. It can be dirty, wet and at time exhausting. That’s normal when you work with animals in an outside job. Despite the realities of the students life I found the environment to be happy and full of laughter. My experience saw the students learn time management skills, attention to details, compassion, hard work, not taking life too seriously, sharing the good times and the bad with the team, improved communication, outstanding riding and horse management skills as well as the other life lessons of flatting with the other students.

I can honestly say we have both made life long friends as a part of her experience with the DSE Groom Intern program. Donna and Elise did a fabulous job directly my daughter through those years and I will be forever grateful for the time and effort they invested in her. She is a great kid with some outstanding skills and I know the DSE program helped create those.”


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