Smith 1+R7121

Words can not express how thankful I am to the entire NZ eventing community for their phenomenal support they have shown myself and my amazing team this weekend! Cluny’s win today was a very heartfelt one…Thank you all so much.

Smith 1+R4988
Balmoral Tangalooma had a dressage show!
Smith 1+R5222
Henton First Edition, 5yr old, owned by The Beverley Family, gave me a great ride around Kihikihi Pre Novice!
Smith 1+R7110
Cluny, owned by Gaye McClunie, winner of the CIC* thanks to Horselands for sponsoring the class
Smith 1+R6680
Cluny has one of the fastest set of knees jumping, I’ve ever ridden and is a very exciting upper level horse for the future!

Thanks to Jan Sutherland from Take the Moment for the gorgeous photographs!

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