12108277_1639200433016769_2260117079728256186_nSo it’s been a while since my last blog! We have had quite a bit happen over the last two months…

Firstly the Spurs of Counties Waerenga Equestrian Horse Trial at home, which went great and didn’t even rain!!! Even though a few people were towed in on the Friday, the weather really came to the party and the ground was fantastic! Thank you to all involved for making it such a wonderful event and to everyone that offered to help/or were summoned to help, thank you so much. It wouldn’t have possible without all your help 🙂 So please diary in Waitangi Weekend next year for our Autumn Horse Trial. The following morning after our event I was off to teach in Cromwell and then Christchurch, needless to say by the time I got home on Thursday night, I was ready for a rather BIG sleep!!!

Our first event was Hamilton Horse Trial, where we took the babies out for a spin! We have a few new young ones making their debut including CHS Ripley’s Dream, who is a beautiful black 5yr old owned by Chris and Tracy Sorrell, Scissors owned by Margs Carylon and Tony Harris, Fifty ShadesofBlack owned by Tash Slavich. We also had a few of the older ones having a cruisey start.

Then the following weekend we were at Taupo HT with the remainder of the team!!! Cluny owned by Gaye McClunie gave me a fantastic ride in the CIC** XC, he was a little fresh in the SJ though finishing up 5th overall 🙂 Mr Hokey Pokey cruised round the CIC*, as did Mendoza. Guccio was his handsome self, loving having his hair braided again!!! I have stolen Brooke Campbell’s stunning little black horse Varadero… the hardest thing about this horse is spelling his name correctly! He gave me a great ride round the CNC105. CHS Ripley’s Dream and I managed to miss a CNC80 XC fence… in my defence when I was walking the rest of the courses on Saturday night, there was no fence, “supposedly” where there was one earlier in the day!!! CHS Royal Genie did a lovely dressage and a fantastic SJ, so we left her on that note.

Then we went to Equidays, with my Beyond the Barriers horse, Hit The Lign (Bart) to compete in the Dunstan Ex-Factor competition. Who is quite the handful some days!!! Bart did not disappoint in the warm up, with so much bucking and leaping we concluded that by the end of the 3 days he was broken in!!! It was a tough atmosphere for the TB’s, but what a great variety of NZTB’s that were on show. Beyond the Barriers was a fantastic way to showcase the trainability, athleticism and enthusiasm of NZTB’s. Overall I was so pleased with him and I feel he’s a star for the future, although I do feel like this won’t be our last rodeo before a competition!

We also took Quantico and Mr Hokey Pokey for the eventing challenge. Quantico and Elise went awesome, just not quite fast enough, but got a ribbon for a well deserved 9th. Mr Hokey Pokey and I had discussions on who was the boss!!!

Next up we headed off to the National One Day Champs at Arran Station. We had decided to move Cluny up the the CIC***, Mr Hokey Pokey CIC**, Quantico and Varadero CIC*, Guccio, Little Lion Man and Musketeer in the CNC105.

My first one up was Guccio… who is adorable (and knows it) and hence is spoilt rotten!!! I would have been proud of his dressage test IF I HAD have asked for the tempi-changes… but noooo definitely not required at CNC105 level hence our scores were 8,3,7,2… submission 3!! My words were, “I’m not angry… I’m just very “disappointed” in him.” So being smart thinking I decided, no more cuddle time for him and moved him to the very front of the truck for tie-up, so nobody would walk past him and pat him!!! He hated that, although he did have the last laugh, when I got into the truck to drive home, he had chewed my diesel gage line and my truck tire!!! Luckily he show jumped clear to redeem himself for that day…

Next I had Mr Hokey Pokey, who performed his usual consistent test, jumped his big heart out, unfortunately having 1 down he ended up 2nd over night. I was super proud of Varadero’s dressage test and he gave me lovely SJ round to sit him in 3rd overnight. Cluny tried so hard in his 3* test, I let him down with a couple of errors and then he SJed great, couple down but seriously great knees!!! Elise was having her own fun on her two CNC105 horses, both green and a little wild in the dressage, but both showing a lot of talent in the jumping. Quantico did a nice steady test and SJed their usual consistent clear 🙂

XC Day, Guccio was our first out, he’s an amazing jumper, but if he makes a mistake it’s usually a bit dramatic in his Gucci way! He jumped into the water steering at his own reflection and clearly not looking at the bank out, as I basically ended up sitting on his head! We regained our knitting and had another go and man did he give them air time after that!!! Then Elise had the two CNC105 horses who she gave fantastic confidence building rides to, both jumping clear (I reminded Gucci of that when I loaded him!!!) Then onto the 1*, Varadero gave me a fantastic ride, we started out a little slow (just getting to know each other), but he finished storming home and gave me one of the most exciting rides (very similar to Bones) and finished in a creditable 6th! Quantico and Elise did a fantastic clear just slightly over the time. Then in the 2* Mr Hokey Pokey gave me a great ride, his little legs didn’t quite go fast enough so he moved down to 5th, which I was so happy with as he’s a few weeks behind the others. Cluny gave me an amazing ride, felt fantastic, I did a couple of circles between a combination, but he jumped so honestly and scopey. It’s exciting to feel him over bigger fences, definitely a horse for the future.

So overall we had a successful event coming home with smiles and feeling like we are heading in the right direction!!! I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Jordie and Ni’ne for working amazingly all weekend and still laughing by the end of the show, although I’m sure they slept well once we got home!!! They had all the horses turned out beautifully and always give them the best of care, thanks girls 🙂 Also to Gaye and Tom McClunie for cooking/supporting us all weekend. To Mum, Dad, Grandad 9 toes and Dani for looking after the horses at home!

This weekend we have Papatoetoe with all the babies, which may be a bit of a wild weekend!

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