We knew we had a great team around us but competing in Adelaide at the CCI 4* showed us just how much support, love and positive energy we have, both at home and in Adelaide. Which makes for much more fun when you can enjoy the journey and success together!!!

A BIG thanks to…

Elise – for everything!
Gaye & Tom – feeding & watering
Diane & Chanel – Adelaide groomies even though they are old and retiring now haha

Dressage Coach – John Thompson
George – farrier at LG Forge
Kelley – vet at Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre
Sarah – physio at Vet Physio
Team NZ – Jock, Graham, Penny, Christana,

Riders – Clarke, Ginny, Sam, Andy – and their Grooms – Lydia, Tess, Anke & Eilish
Fundraising and Donation Supporters

DSE Supporters Tour – “friends of dse” watch this space 😉

Hayley & Jas – keeping the rest (20+) horses ticking over at home
Diana & Graham
Grandad 8 toes

All the messages of support from friends and family.

I was so proud of both the boys, their dressage tests were right up their close to their PBs.

Bones I felt a little sorry for after the XC as he went out as the trail blazer/sacrificial lamb and I had the throttle down aiming for under the time through some untested combinations – I very much wanted to have another go on him when I had finished!!

Yogi I felt was everything we have always believed him to be, and I think he made a few of his critics’ new believers, and all of his supporters very proud.

Whilst Bones had a few rails in his SJ, I was still proud of him as he’s usually so clean and so I put them down to some pretty tight back muscles after our massive jumping on XC the day before, and Yogi, what can I say? What a horse and I’m so excited for both of their futures! 🙂


All photos thanks to Libby Law Photography

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