A new ride, Warrick Douglas’ Giddy Up

Well its been a winter of new beginnings for me 🙂 I have a new team of young horses that I’m really excited about!!! (below I’ll introduce you to a few or check out mycurrent event team page with their bios and recent images)

Dani Edwards, Hannah McLean and Lauren Jones

Alana McGreogor who has been my right hand for the past 6 months has left to further her future career and studies. I wish her the very best and I’m sure she will be back round for dinner with us soon.. :))

I now have Hannah McLean and Lauren Jones holding down the fort for me. Currently we have 24 horses in work, which keeps the days going by fast!! The great weather we have been having is helping a lot 🙂

I have acquired a few new exciting horses this season; firstly “Giddy Up,” who is owned and has been produced up to now by Warwick Douglas. Mo is a sweet natured horse that has a huge heart and tries so hard. Warwick has done a fantastic job producing him this far and I’m excited to be “taking the reins over!” Mo and I are currently going through the getting to know each other stages.

“Off The Top” previously owned by the Alderslade’s and Simon Gordon. Now Leo is owned by my parents, Graham & Diana. He has started his career with me already excitingly with scoring consistently in the mid to high 70s on the flat and out of 4 starts has been in the top 3 placings everytime 🙂 He’s going to take time, but I’m so excited about him.

“Gucci” aka named “the smiling assassin” by Tracy Smith, during a dressage lesson… Cassandra Opie, bred and produced him to this point, he is out of her top 3* mare Aberose. Now Owned by Susan Clarke and Mum and Dad. Gucci is the ‘’too cool for school” kinda young horse and I have spent hours in the hills on him, getting to know him after a slightly rough start where we became blood brothers, but now we have a good understanding of each other! He is so athletic and an exceptional young horse I can’t wait!!!

Next up I have “Lewie.” Sarah C was riding him down at a Christchurch clinic with me. Sarah has lovely horses and when she offered him I couldn’t turn him down. He has the biggest jump of everyone and is really the sweetest/kindest horse, a true 4* galloper and jumper!!!

Then there’s “Carter,” the coolest little horse, owned and raced successfully by Gaye McClunie, until I begged/ borrowed and stole him… 🙂 He is a stunning looking horse with hopefully a huge future!!!

“Snip” is owned by Rochelle Taylor. He is so athletic and a very classy horse. Snip is a fantastic older fashioned TB that has all the talent to be a very handy horse for the future.

“Gus” is owned by Chris Lovelady. Gus is the tallest horse in my team. A huge jumper, big mover but as he is 5yr old and tall, he is on the taking time route. Gus is another very very athletic guy, by Gymnastic Star out of a TB Mare. Excited to see him in a few months time.

Then I better not forget about “Alfie.” Dad calls him “Blood n Bone” as he’s Bones little brother… We will see what name he ends up with!!! I have come up with a few too, all i can say is… he’s so athletic, a huge mover and stands at a mighty 15.2hands. I love this little guy, but it may be awhile until he makes a public appearance!!!

These are just a few of the new Team.

I have been spending a lot of time down South teaching and I’m so excited to see how they are all progressing down there. We are even swapping ponies and horses from South to North and back. It works great for me as I get to keep teaching the same horses!!! 🙂


This week I’m off to Taupo cross country schooling the newbies and teaching as well. Then back down South the following weekend and then it will be September which brings the start of the new season… I can’t wait!!!

I just want to take a moment to thank some people who have been amazing and supportive in my life this past while. I hate naming people for fear of missing out someone but I’m very grateful for these people in my life. They have kept my life trucking on forward, my partner Elise and her daughter Dani, my parents Ma and Pa Smith, Tom and Gaye McCLunie, Chris and Tracey Sorrell, Tash Slavich, Chanel Campbell, Andy Gibberd and Melissa Douglas. Oh and I forgot the newest Mascot Roxie, the Foxy!! who does no wrong…… hmmmmmmm!

Andie Gibberd and Melissa Douglus
Andie Gibberd and Melissa Douglus


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