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We have been rather busy lately with the young boys learning how to be eventers and being good at their new jobs :))) I have had a few trips teaching my amazing kids in Christchurch, Invercargill and currently sitting in Queenstown to go and teach in Cromwell :))

Andie & Dani working hard at Taupo HT
So far this season the boys have all been good, Gucci seems to be the most photogenic of them all, Lewie is the most consistent of the babies to date, Leo is going to be a champion but will be in nappies for a little longer haha!!!
Gucci at Hamilton HT
Lewie @ Hamilton HT
Izablu owned by Natasha Slavich and myself has really stepped up to the mark and I’m so excited about him – he is consistently giving me beautiful rides:))
Izablu at Hamilton HT
Henton First Edition owned by the Beverley family is now back on the straight and narrow after a couple of teenager moments, he is attempting to overtake Gucci in the “how high can I jump” photos!!! He ran fifth at Taupo and is going to be magnificent! Giddy Up (owned by Warwick Douglas) and I are building an team bond understanding, he ran third at Taupo and gave me a great ride in all phases :))) Cluny owned by the McClunies has Gaye on the edge of her seat still in all three phases!!! He may look fast and a little random, though I keep saying that he is only in a snaffle :))))) He finished 5th at Equidays in a very respectable line up of good horses!!!
Cluny at Equidays
Cluny at Equidays
Bonzie is my perfect little pacifier, my ‘happy place’!!! He gave me a great run at Taupo in the 3 star, winning his first big one for the season.  He loves his mummy :)))))))) Drumelizer was sensational at Equidays, gave me a brilliant ride though very difficult for him to win when his mummy missed three galloping fences dooooh!!!!! Sorry Drum and Tom, we can do it next time :))) Oopsie!
Drumelizer at Equidays
Henton Authentic is stunning and coming along nicely – if you want to see an impressive canter, come and watch this horse!!!!!
Henton Authentic
Henton Athentic at Hamilton HT
Velleto owned by the Alderslades ran at Te Rapa and is next out at Papatoetoe 2DE. A very genuine horse that loves his job! Beluga owned by James Twigg also ran at Te Rapa and is headed for Papatoetoe 2DE. Still has the cutest knees :))))
Beluga at Hamilton HT
Aleundro is still in disciplinary boot camp ::) he is a brat! And mum (his loyal owner), you have to brush your pony if you want him to be kind to his rider at events – in fact anywhere…. hahaha… We do however fight over who gets to jump him, though everyone runs to the back of the farm on dressage days trying to avoid the call up.. Dads last comment about Alex on his last flat work session, could never be repeated…. – especially in front of my mum! :))))
Aleundro at Hamilton HT
We have another full on month ahead of us for the babies and the big boys for competing. Excited to have just entered the One Day Champs in Christchurch, can’t wait to watch my South Island riders go too! A massive congratulations to my students; Jackson Bovill for winning the Novice at Taupo, Grace O’Sullivan for winning the Springston Trophy and also her first grand prix on her new pony and Anna Beverley 4th in her first pre novice.
Thanks to my team, they are working so well together and sending out the ponies looking amazing :)) Mum, thank you for looking after the horses that remain home whilst we are away competing – so appreciate it :)) To my owners, my wee family and my supporters you are all awesome and I couldn’t be out there doing this without you :))) Donna

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