Well, it’s been a very quick 6 weeks since I last wrote a blog, when I was hanging out at the beach! Seems like months ago!!!

I am currently sitting in my house, which it seems like a long time since I have done this too! I have been to Gore/Cromwell/Christchurch and Rotorua a few times, plus home flat out teaching in between.

I have done 3 events and 2 weddings, with 1 more wedding this Saturday and another event on Sunday. To make this all possible I have AWESOME ground staff, currently Helen Scofield and Tabitha Lyons (Tabs). With Hannah McLean coming in weekends, now she has a “Real Job”…Dam it! Tab’s arrived when Alice Wainman had to go home :(((((( hopefully just to remember how much she misses us, before she comes back in September:))) Aisling Rayne and Sophie Abbott have both headed back south to get “an education” …. pretty sure Ash will agree with me when I say, she had a pretty good education up here… haha

The ponies are all performing well within their levels, leading the Team is Cluny, which after a disaster at Taupo in the dressage (that him and I are still not talking about) he has gone out and scored over 70% in both his next two Intermediates, so hopefully we wont be repeating Taupo again for Gaye McClunie/His and my sake!

Smith 3+W3463
Cluny at Taupo HT

SE Godswalk has been very consistent and ready for the 2* at HOY 🙂

Smith+W4343 - Version 2
SE Godswalk at Taupo

Mr Hokey Pokey is one of the coolest toys and very fun to ride, while we haven’t managed a red ribbion yet we have still managed a ribbon every outing and are now qualified for HOY 2* Go Yellow!!!

Henton First Edition stepped up and gave me a fabulous ride around his first 1* at Northland, he certainly has massive scope!

Beluga is consistently bringing home ribbons for his owner James Twigg at Training Level and having photos with his knees up around his ears :)))

Smith 5+W3616

CHS Royal Genie is coming along nicely and doing great after a couple of starts.

Drumelizer just skipped around his first 1* easily again after along break from that level.

Guccio… all I can say is I can’t wait to see his photos from the weekend!

Off The Top… He’s trying hard, what a stunning horse!

Quantico and Elise stepped up to 2 star at Rotorua  and did an excellent job around for their first time at this level!

Mendoza is consistently jumping clear around his Pre Novice tracks with Elise and sadly for sale

I have acquired 2 new horses, Blood “n” Bone, aka another baby Bones, who when I first sat on him, was on him for all of .02 of a second before he decided I looked better on the ground! Oopsie! Now we have a better understanding of each other it’s a much more stable relationship! He’s only 4, with a massive future… I think Elise and I are going to fight over who gets the ride on him! (not sure either of us want to take him out first though!!!) hahaha. Might need to wear padded undies!

Also “Strictly Business” has joined the team. He’s a 5yr old. When Gina Shick said if you can get his brain he should be good… she wasn’t joking, we are still in the “getting the brain” phase… hopefully moving into the “should be good” stage soon 🙂 Another stunning EventStars horse that I have big plans for 🙂

On the wedding front, Matt & Julie aka Pinot & Bob Bell looked amazing and it took us a few days to recover from and also to find our way home from!!! The most exciting thing for me was she now HAS to stay in the country!! 🙂 Yay…

Tom and Christen’s wedding was stunning. Tom’s Mum, Chris and Christen’s Mum and Dad Sue & Dennis should be so proud… “the apple never rolls far from the tree”

This weekend we have Georgia Dufty and Zac’s wedding, we are really looking forward to it and can’t wait to hang out with our buddy Hilda :)))

Next on the agenda is Waerenga ODE here this Sunday, then off to Puhunui, followed closely by Horse of the Year, where in the 2 star I have Cluny, owned by McClunies, SE Godswalk, owned by Julie Bachlour, and Mr Hokey Pokey, owned by Elise & Dani, backing them up is Izablu owned by Tash Slavich and I, who has had a light start to the season due to an abscess.

Dani has being rowing her heart out and making us proud, with a win in the Singles and a win in the Doubles last weekend. I thought Eventing was a tough sport… I think I have found its equal!

A massive thank you to “Grandad Edwards” for making it possible for Dani to row and us to compete in the weekends!

Also congrats to Dad and his boys for their Bronze at Twizel! And a massive thank you to my Mum & Dad for feeding the ponies at home when we are away! Biggest thanks to Elise for somehow managing to have our lives under some sort of control!! :))

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