In association with Donna’s sponsor Spurs of Counties we are excited to bring to you regular training exercises, that are currently in Donna’s arena!

This month it’s ALL ABOUT FOOTWORK: It’s vital in XC that the horses think on their feet and have “fast footwork.” Our model is Donna’s Beyond the Barriers NZ “Hit the Lign” competition horse.

1st time through the grid: “He is good with his feet, but I’m trying to teach him to grow a 5th leg…”

2nd time: “He starts to “carry a leg”, which is thinking on his feet. I also have a low soft left hand teaching him to stay straight…”

3rd time: “He’s straight, backs up and moves his feet faster”

We do lots of this with the babies in the winter so they learn to think on their feet!!! Give it a try plus we have included a grid diagram with measurements in feet at the end of the video. Feel free to SHARE or COMMENT with any questions.

CLICK HERE to download the grid setup and print at A4 size

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