Spurs of Counties & Donna Smith Eventing present “All about footwork #2.” View in HD to increase the video quality 😉

By now we hope you have all had a play with Donna’s footwork grid that we shared earlier this month. However we are guessing some people may have run into trouble or it didn’t work out quite as easily as our lovely model “Hit the Lign” showcased!!!

SO we decided to show you another one of Donna’s upcoming young horses this time “Guccio” a very talented grey gelding through the same grid.

Gucci is happy to leave long meaning he doesn’t want to use his butt and create fast footwork. So this session is all about teaching him to make decisions and hopefully “go deeper to the base.”

Give it a try 😉 plus we have included a grid diagram with measurements in feet at the end of the video. Feel free to SHARE or COMMENT with any questions.

CLICK HERE to download the grid setup and print at A4 size

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