Well overdue BLOG!!!


Where to start…

I headed to Taupo 3DE with a lot of high hopes, my team of horses were in fantastic condition although unbeknown to me I would come home really sick, very frustrated and wishing I didn’t have to wait another 3 months for another competition. It took me a week to physically crawl out of my annoyingly flu filled bed! I had unfortunately caught some kind of bug that didn’t enjoy the amount of energy us crazy event riders put ourselves through – crap timing!

2015 Wrap up

Not sure how to start this end of year blog, other than a year ago I was sitting here, coming to the realisation that Bones needed a years unplanned vacation, and Elise & Dani’s palomino had somehow scaled 1.60 with me and I had a team of exciting young horses… A year on, Bones is walking, Elise & Dani’s palomino is the spearhead of my team and somehow Gucci scaled 1.70 with me on, and I have another team of exciting young horses!