Spurs of Counties & Donna Smith Eventing present “The Skinny Grid – to help control SPEED & DIRECTION.” View in HD to increase the video quality 😉

This is the 1st time ever through a grid for an off the track thoroughbred called “50 Shades of Black.” Donna starts at the walk, as this grid is very narrow with a spooky barrel at the end. PLUS she keeps the poles on the ground and slowly puts each pole up one at a time, as the horse gains confidence.

This grid is a continuation of Donna’s footwork grid we showed earlier this month. The poles are about 4 feet wide much skinnier than your standard pole. Therefore encouraging him to stay straight and “look at his fences” ie have DIRECTION, plus it teaches him to adjust his SPEED to what distances he has infront of him, the perfect prep for his future in eventing!

Give it a try 😉 plus we have included a grid diagram with measurements in feet at the end of the video. Feel free to SHARE or COMMENT with any questions.

CLICK HERE to download the grid setup and print at A4 size

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