What do you do the day after the Taupo 3DE…? You look out in to the paddocks at all the babies and wonder which will be the favourite young ones for the winter time… and wonder if you are going to be able to stay on them during the first few rides!! hahaha

Full Steam Ahead!!!


Well, it’s been a very quick 6 weeks since I last wrote a blog, when I was hanging out at the beach! Seems like months ago!!!

I am currently sitting in my house, which it seems like a long time since I have done this too! I have been to Gore/Cromwell/Christchurch and Rotorua a few times, plus home flat out teaching in between.

I have done 3 events and 2 weddings, with 1 more wedding this Saturday and another event on Sunday. To make this all possible I have AWESOME ground staff, currently Helen Scofield and Tabitha Lyons (Tabs). With Hannah McLean coming in weekends, now she has a “Real Job”…Dam it! Tab’s arrived when Alice Wainman had to go home :(((((( hopefully just to remember how much she misses us, before she comes back in September:))) Aisling Rayne and Sophie Abbott have both headed back south to get “an education” …. pretty sure Ash will agree with me when I say, she had a pretty good education up here… haha

The New Year!!!


What can I say, I’m sitting at the beach, cider in my hand, thinking about going for a run, thinking about going for a swim, thinking about good enough reasons not to do either of these… Hence now I’m on the computer writing my blog, that my website manager Chanel has been kindly suggesting for about a month, but now knows I’m finally on a short holiday so more chance of getting it done! 🙂